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Of internet and Updates

Hey... Sorry I haven't updated in SO LONG. I'm really tired right now so this will make little to no sense.

Greatest song effect ever: 'ponk'


Not funny: "chocolate moose (see picture of moose)"  *keeps straight face then cracks up*

All I can think to say right now is "Oh. My. God. Lyk, no wai." in my funky imitation of a British accent. Oh yeah. I realized how FEW places I have to go and skulk around on on the Internet. > < I have to remedy that. If anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. :P

I'm running out of manga too. Cause as of late I get pissed at characters when they do stupid things. Its silly of me i know, because if they don't fuck up, we don't get a story, but I guess I have enough drama/angst in my life with OUT stories. X.x

Not funny: "Mushroom cloud fetus"

Study hall is boring me.

I'm bored in general. And tired, and pissed. Really pissed. SO FREAKING PISSED!!!

Anyway. I'm out.


Of projects and Ace bandages

Friday afternoon-- wasted in the emergency room. Damn wrist wasn't even BROKEN. ... bitch. X.x  I could have been working on my indipendent study!!! --sobs-- Now I have to write; the rest of my concept map explination, my coverletter, my reflection, edit. ALL FOR THIS FRIDAY!
Upside: I have a garunteeded study everday. No P.E. class due to my injury.
Damn you Murphey and your law!!! What did I do wrong?!

For those of you that have NO idea what I'm talking about I apologize.

Theron... You are so dead. And I'm sorry about hitting you earlier... :P But you REALLY asked for it. --_-- SO PPPPTTTTTTBBB....

Lunch Time... Sorry this is so short

--:Canned.Bread: <3

Of Fruit Juice and Sketches

So yeah. Linny wanted to know what I write about. My reply: I tell stories, I complain... I talk about my day... and complain... and mostly complain. X.x I'm so boring.
'...?'  <-- yeah... pretty much.

Sorry I haven't had a chance to update in so long, but during study I've actually [gasp] been doing work. As I should be right now, but I don't have the energy. Yesterday, I played monkey tag with Theron, Max and Snowflake. [Fucking studyhallers. CAN'T THEY JUST FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP?! I NEED TO CONCENTRATE!] It was fun. Before we started playing, these lower schoolers had piled the bottom of the slide with wood chips. Snowflake would go down, then Theron would go down, and snowflake would try and pull him all the way down. There would be a lot of shaking of the struckture, and cries of "Help me! Oh my god! Snowflake! Stop! NO! Ahhhhh!!!" And then Max and I would have to try and pull Theron up again. XD It was insanely fun. When we actually started the game, we were like... all over the place. [Linny: eep] Max hit me in the face with his shoe though... XD It hurt for a little [I think I have a bruise]. He threw it, and then was like "ah! I'm sorry! I was trying to throw it at Theron... who... was... behind me.... X.x" I got a free hug out of it though, so you know... what ever. [:C.B: loves hugs... Leave her one... <3] Then we had to leave, so Max started walking, I grabbed Theron's jaket and Root Bear and started walking, and then Theron and Snowflake had to catch up. Theron was a dip and forgot his cell so that his uncle couldn't call him and we saw him and were like "oops" and I got a ride home with Max. It was amusing.

No. One. Cares. If. Paxton. Is. Or. Is. Not. Innocent. SO SHUT UP!... X.x Stupid Studyhallers.

Cam and Angela are FINALLY getting together. Its pretty cool. I was going to have to get dragged on their dates so it wouldn't be "awkward". Theron's advice: Make them have sex then it won't be awkward. 'Cause I asked him if he'd come with me if I got dragged out with them. I thought it was amusing. So yeah. My life is wicked boring right now. Everyone else's lives are going places, mine is stuck right here. Well.. except for maybe Max's his life is pretty stuck too. [I just realized, when I say 'life' I refer to the 'dating scene'... Its all I care about anyway. I don't know why... People's emotions  are interesting. Yay interpersonal relations.] OMG! Greg just fell over in the chair! He leaned back in the chair and fell over! XD IT WAS HILARIOUS! Anyway... were was I? Oh yeah. Max. So yeah, he likes this girl... and well... I'm not one to judge if he has a chance or not... [I don't know] So yeah. [I'm not going to tell her name... thats not fair to Max. SO DON'T ASK] Anyway. So I give him advice and he gives me advice. His advice: Short skirts, low cut shirts. X.x I hate low cut shirts, but skirts are okay... I guess. You know.. whatever.

I got enough sleep last night. It was nice.

Deep thought for the day: I was talking with Ali about Tonks for HP and [Paxton: I got neutered by a guy once, he stuck his drum stick in my balls. Then I couldn't pee for like a day.] I was jus thinking if you could change your appearance at will it would be too tempting and too easy to become someone else. You would have to have a really good sense of self because as humans far too much of who we are is based on what we look like. Ali told me she hated me when I "got all philisophical like that". Whatever. [Thats the thing about my stories, they all have an anti-climax right after all the deep stuff happens...] Paxton: With all those hot italian guys. Sure Paxton whatever.

Our class is SO TOTALLY Freakin, homophobic. Not like "OMG gay people are evil" but. "OMG TWO GUYS  ARE LIKE... TOUCHING EACH OTHER!!! X.x --dies--". Idiot.

Zombie Pants.

--:Canned.Bread:      :B

Of Fan Fiction and History Papers

Yeah... So I should be doing my outline for my bigass history paper, but at the same time I REALLY want to read the next two chappies of "All for Our Best Friends" damn am I a sucker for romance. X.x Yay GaaNeji <3
I could at least be productive by working on my own story... but... naw... I'd much rather read. It was insane. Today during science I opened up my e-mail and there were 12 messages I was like "Wtf?!" and then 11 of them were from Fanfiction.net. I was like O.o. It was TOTALLY insane. XD
My friend started an LJ. I'm proud of her. She was all like "I love your layout... !!!" I was just like :P you can't use it 'cause I'm using it. :B we're cool.
So yeah. Oh. My. God. [or OMJR If you're cody] Exponenets are SOOOOO Boring. X.x I'm totally not in the mood for math these days. Hell... I'm not in the mood for ANY thing. Well... other than fucking around. You know. I think it the warm weather. I'm like... well.. .FUCK THIS. You know? So yeah... I finished the two newest chapters!!! YAY!

Lolz. Lucas was all like "omg ur wearing lyk... eyeliner!!!" except more like... intellectual. He "finds eyeliner creepy" psh... Crazy people. He'd find my new skirt even creepier. :D
 Barely covers my ass.

ANyway... gotta go! <3
--:Canned.Bread:   <3


Of Oekakis and Ex's

2draw.net came back up... [thank god]. So I goofed around there for a little today.

Imma beat Ian the next time I see him. His away on Gmail was "max =single, i wonder why?" Gonna fucking kill him. He has no right to talk that way about Max when its his fault Max is single in the first place. He pretty much stole his girlfriend. He has no right to talk; he got dumped by ALL the girls he ever went with. [3] Myself included. :D

With Haru next Halloween we were thinking of dressing up as Lolita and Humbert Humbert. [Yay I get to be a pedophile.] She's the cute one so she gets to be Lolita, I'm the c-dressing, taller, uglier one, i get to be the pedo. I'm kick-ass like that.

Our plan for the weekend: Go shopping, I wanna get a skirt so we'll start off dressed like girls, then we'll go to the bathroom, and get all c-dressed and walk out as men [ah the looks on people's faces]. XD so great. So yeah. Thats our plan.

I just got busted for illegal downloading of music... By my dad. Which kinda sucks.. but whatever. I needed it for my English project which was kinda due the next day, so I just got the songs... x.X Gah... Its like, I try really hard to only do that when the songs aren't on iTunes. Mostly for my jRock. {Loser} TT_TT I'm so sad. He wants to go with a different girl. So far I've sat through a "real" girlfriend, an internet one, and now i'm going to have to sit through another "real" one. This is making me depressed. _sigh_

Yet another arugment is started because I opened my stupid mouth and said what I was thinking right then and people are getting mad at me. I do my best not to insult people behind their backs, but sometimes I just say stuff, and i bend over so far fucking back wards to be nice to everyone, I'm not entitled one mean comment now and again? They do it much more than me. Besides, it was in defense to what Ian had said before about Max. So all I said was "ian's a bastard" which I say ANYway. I call Max a bastard too. They want me to pull punches instead? I could do that. But it'd hurt a whole fucking lot more.
I could pull out all the mean stuff people had said too. Ian: "I see how it is, John [XXXX] is god and Despina isn't even a person." That made me sad for like, a week. Being told you're not human can cut deep. So I have the right for a jab or two. On top of that I'm his ex. That entitles me.
But what entitles me most is that I still care about him no matter what. He's still my friend.
I'm stuck in the middle of many arguments. What I want most is to be allowed to mediate. I don't like it when my friends fight, it puts me in a tough spot. And it makes me sad. I just kinda want everyone to get along... I don't need my life to be made hellish by fighting. Its hellish enough as it is thank you very much.

Really tired... Can't think.

Of Naruto and Procrastination

Yeah. So... I started out this amazing studyhall, but making corrections on my Fan Fic story. [When I post it to Fanfiction.net I'll post the link ;) ]
I have come to a conclusion. ITACHI IS A WOMENS. [sorry... my internet-fan-speak kicked in... pardon me.] Anyway... Kisame has become one of my more favorite characters. <3 I'm a loser.
At the Anime Con, I had a novel experience [besides the whole "i've-never-been-to-a-con-before" part] which was that a voice-actor decided who my favorite character in a series. I LOVE YOU ROY MUSTANG! ... :D

ALL HAIL THE HOLY MUFFIN! "you must walk around it three times and drink the juices of two cows"-- Linny's dad. Yes. He's cool. Anyway.

Now. About my ever-so-exciting social life which I'm sure you all care about </sarcsm> Well, I have to tell someone so I'll just say it here. I believe Cody really hit the nail on the head w/ his description of what was going on. [Its nearly impossible to repeat but I'll try anyway] "So someone may or may not have said something pertaining to something someone may or may not have done which we are either not sure of or is to remain undisclosed unless it is heard from the mouth of someone who happens to be avoid someone else." Or something like that anyway. All we know is that there is something that is being said. We know who saying it and who its about. We don't know what it is though. Its pretty stupid. And it happens to be annoying me. In fact. It happens to be pissing me off mad lots. So I'd appriciate it if they would, a) STOP TALKING. or b) Tell me what the hell was going on. All of it. That way I might assess the information presented to me and attempt to mediate the disagreement that it might GO THE FUCKING HELL AWAY. Thank you.

I'm trying to get Linny to upload some of her "school book doodles". You know, the ones people draw in the margines of their notebooks? Her's ARE TOTALLY AWSOME. I'm just sad that I'm not in her class that I might see more of them. [Half my friends are in the grade below me X.x]
Her DevART is PurpleTangerine. <3 I tell you. So yeah... I'll be doing the happy dance when she updates her awsome doodles. :D

No... I don't REALLY have an EXACT happy dance... I've SORTA got a "pervy-dance" for when I'm being a creepy person :D [too much free time] So yeah. Uhm... uh... PEOPLE ARE INTURRUPTING MY WRITING!!! So yeah. GAH!!!

Okay imma go now... 'cause they're all like..... ATTACKING MEE!!!!!! --hides--

.R.I.P. 04.23.07

R.I.P. Jon. I only met you once. But still. This is part commemorative and part a small rant. It feels rude to do both in the same section but I can't help myself. I'm mad... at him. You touched her heart. You really did.

She says that they say that he killed himself. Some say that he hung himself while his parents were out.
If its true its sad, but she blames her self a little so I say with out a doubt,
You didn't have to kill yourself.

When people commit suicide its really a selfish act. I hate to be cruel like that but it is. Its impossible for "no one to care". Because even if they hate you, they still care. So I don't want to see it, I'll put up with the whining, but I don't want to have to hear that they found in a pool of your own blood. Thats not right. You get one chance at this life. Depending who you are when you are what you are, you may get a chance to live again, but it won't be the same, you won't meet the same people. I don't want to hear that they found you hanging from the ceiling, thats not cool.

Because most people don't want you dead. Even those that say it, would find that they don't really mean it at all. And the ones that really wish you dead? They'd probably want to kill you themselves. So don't go doing something stupid.

I keep wanting to believe this is a bad joke. I do what I always do when such a situation arises, I'm analytical, I don't know what to do. I'm confused. No one has died on me. But when they do I will try and remain detached from it all. But I may just cling to the zombie theory. For myself, I'll live my life to the fullest, and when I'm dead its over for me. But for them, for them I want something greater. They deserve it.

I wish it for him too. He deserves it. THEY ALL DO. I hold to this statement.

I only met you once, but I liked you. You touched her heart, but now that you've broken it, I'm mad. R.I.P. 04.23.07

I'm mad horrid at dealing with dead people... that aren't walking around.
Now... I'm going to take a break [cough] from my work [cough cough] on looking up cures for the Black Death. Fun! According to my english teacher all I have to do is state the question nice and big, and list my sources. Easy 'A'. Wewt. Kind of like the "100 Favorite Things" [no repitions] It was sad... I really had to think to come up with 100. Thats not good.
Freaking Website with their goddamn pop-up-behind adverts. >:P

<I just thought I'd mention that the pictures for my userpics, I got offa my friends photobucket account: Eclipstar.>

I've decided to pick up Cross-dressing. It all started when I decided to try strapping my chest... I took the only two ace bandages in the house and wrapped them around my torso, making myself more flat. Now I'm on the magnificent quest for boxers/man-underwear. Yes. I'm cool. When I told my friends one of them made a horrified face for a while, then, after having hid his face in his chorus folder he just said, "I think I'm gonna cry."

He was sad later because I told him that his girlfriend dumped him for one of our other friends. It was hard on him. I felt bad... She been really going through the boys though... Its kinda scary. Anyway. Its not for me to pass judgement. So I won't. The only problems I have with the whole situation is when she was saying mean things about her ex-ex-boyfriend, who happens to be a rather good friend of mine. My other problem; that her current boyfriend is acting like he has a stick up his ass because he's going out with her. It pisses me off... Because he's ditching the other guys to do stuff with her, which half the time doesn't happen. Which just isn't cool. You know?

Anyway... Back to the joys of the Black Death. Or rather... Maybe I could talk about the psychologist guy that talked at my school, and I got left at home [yet again] by myself. My parents brought his book though... Its pretty amusing. Over my two week break I suffered from a mild "Panic Attack". Hard to breath, scared out of my mind, the works. Long story short. Never watching a hollywood zombie movie again. [They got it wrong I tell you!!!] I believe soon I shall have to explain the three types of zombies.

<The Hollywood Zombie: Fictional, scary, the whole "risen from the dead" thing. [you know like Jesus... Just more malicious] Eat flesh, the works. SCARY, and totally MADE UP.>

<The Shaman Zombie: Made by other people. Still alive, just made to be stupid. Made with herbs and chemicals to do the Shaman's bidding. Real. Not so scary. Unless they're told to kill you or something. Had them in Cuba.>

<The Zombie: If you define zombie as something that is alive that shouldn't be, then this is them. They are human, totally completely and absolutely human. But they lack one thing which most people have. A soul. So when people die, their soul is recycled, reincarnation-type thing. I think. Zombies, just die. REAL. They act like other humans, but [I believe] they have more control over their emotions as they don't have a soul dictating their feelings. They don't "belong" and [again, I believe] that people can tell they are different. [to be continued...] >

I am still looking into the subject of Zombie animals... but I'm not sure yet as I can't quite interact with them on the right level. But if the re-incarnation idea is correct, then the souls may be placed into animal bodies, so I know they have souls. But as we know, a few will always slip through the cracks [the zombies].

Black Plagues, Black Blood, and a Black hole in the place of a soul.

Hellooooooooo LiveJournal

Hey. Right now I'm in STUDYHALL!!! woo hoo. SO boring. No angst for today... Well... actually, there is the fact that I'm feeling invisible. [sigh] Ah well... What can I say in my defense...
Oh. My. God. "Justin is still a virgin" I DON'T CARE!!! What the hell is it with, teenage boys, and being weird? Like, I would say perverted, but then again, so am I so I have NO RIGHT to talk.
Stupid boy deleted his paper, THIS IS WHY I HATE MICROSOFT WORD!!! This is why I hate studyhall too. I'm stuck in here with a bunch of IDIOTS who DON'T know what they're doing for like... An hour. And they're loud too.

<Looks at the entry so far> Damn, this is bad, I don't sound anything like myself. Its a bad way to start off a new journal. Maybe I should try a story?

I felt the warmth from the sun warm my cold flesh. That word, flesh. It was wretched. It was loathsome. They didn't understand at all. But the warmth, it was so nice. I hadn't felt it in so long. It was funny to see them not understand. Running, jumping, all that I could do. Breath? With some difficulty. Heart to heart talks? Impossible. Heart to Mind? Yes. I'm missing a few important components that most people have at my age, mainly, a life. No its not like I sit at home by myself on weekends and don't have friends, no, not that. I don't have a life, in the most simplest of terms, my heart does not beat, how I still function is beyond me. I'm still here though. My life is a little different now. Getting hit by a car can do that to you. I miss the warmth.

Maybe I'll continue it. Oh dear god. Just a little side note here, I am a TOTAL anime fangirl, [no i don't cosplay in insanely revealing clothing] but anyway, I'm a Fan Fic addict. Its really bad. So that leads me to the next thing I am going to say, I REALLY need to use that last sentence in an angsty [kinda fluffy] romantic fan fic.

There you have it. I'm a sucker for romance. Mainly because there is none in my [actual] life, so I go and suck warmth from someone elses. Yeah, I'm a good person like that. I utilize other people's emotions to my own ends, or rather, to make me feel better. If they're happy, I leach off of their happiness... Thats why I'm such a horrible person when I'm on my own, or w/ my 'rents. I'm a horrible person... [cries] No, don't pity me. Please. That would just make me feel worse. :D See. Me = bad person. HATE ME Just like the rest of them.
Actually... Please don't then I would have to crawl in to a hole and die.

I went to the anime con on saturday!!! I wanted to go Sunday but my 'rents were like "NO YOU WILL DO HOMEWORK!" In the end I ended up going and getting ice cream w/ my friend carter. It was cool. :) Gotta love Ben & Jerry's.
Carter finished his ice cream first, like he said he would. His was bigger. I finished mine 2 bites later. It was fun. Anyway... Thats my weekend in a nutshell. Woot.

Gotta Fly! <-- well.. that was lame
:Canned.Bread: <3

BTW, For the first time EVER a voice actor decided who my favorite character in a series was. I <3 Colonel Roy Mustang !